What Is The Best Way To Deal With Dental Anxiety And Fear?

Fear of dental treatment and dental anxiety are not myths; they are real and people we know and love suffer from it. Unfortunately, the prevalence of dental anxiety in the UK is very high. According to the Oral Health Foundation, over 10 million British adults suffer from some form of dental anxiety. Here’s another statistic you can crunch on! Every 1 in 5 Britishers have admitted to being afraid of visiting the dentist. 

But there is good news! Dental anxiety and phobia are manageable. So, don’t let your fear of the dentist hinder your oral health and beautiful smile. If you have been avoiding dental treatment due to dental anxiety, this blog is for you. So, read on to learn effective methods that can help you say goodbye to your dental fears.

How Music Can Alleviate Dental Anxiety?

Music helps us relax and elevates our mood. But did you know music can help us calm down in the dentist’s office? A recent research study in the reputed Nature journal suggests that music helps reduce dental anxiety in children. Moreover, it was found that music therapy was even more effective in reducing dental fear when used in combination with other stress-reducing therapies. 

I Am Scared Of Dentist But Need Treatment, What Can I Do?

Some people are so afraid of the dentist that they will only step foot into a dental clinic if they are in severe pain. This condition is known as dental phobia. If you are also afraid of the dentist, there is no need to worry; your dentist will have several options available to make you calm and relaxed during your visit. 

For example, dentists may use conscious sedation or nitrous oxide inhalation to allay the fear of dental treatment in patients. Similarly, dentists can prescribe anti-anxiety medication to their patients so that they feel relaxed during their appointments. Finally, there are various behavioural approaches that dentists are trained to utilise while treating apprehensive patients. 

I Get Panic Attacks During Dental Treatment, What Can I Do?

Many people are afraid of dental treatment and get panic attacks just by thinking of visiting a dental practice for a fillinComposite fillings or teeth cleanings. But the good news is that these panic attacks can be controlled. First, you need to tell your dentist about your dental fear in detail so that they can take appropriate measures to avoid factors that may trigger your anxiety. 

For example, if someone is afraid of the sound of the dental drill, your dentist may ask you to listen to your favourite music during the procedure. This way, you won’t have to hear the sound of the dental drill and your anxiety won’t be triggered. Similarly, if a kid is afraid of dental treatment, the dentist may ask one of the parents to sit with them in the dental chair so that the kid feels comfortable and reassured. Furthermore, the kid may also be asked to bring their favourite toy along with them so that they feel relaxed. 

Finally, for extremely apprehensive or uncooperative patients, dentists may use sedation dentistry or laughing gas inhalation to perform the procedure. 

Best Treatment For Dental Anxiety Symptoms

Every patient has individual dental needs. Similarly, every patient has different triggering factors for dental anxiety. So, the best treatment for controlling anxiety in dental patients depends on the underlying cause. For example, if a patient has had a bad previous experience, dentists may use nitrous oxide inhalation or conscious sedation for their treatment. This way, the patient won’t remember anything about their procedure as they will remain drowsy throughout the procedure, and will not have anxiety during or after their treatment. So, your dentist will decide what is the best treatment option for your anxiety after understanding the root cause. 

How To Ease Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety can be eased by using different methods, such as behavioural therapies, distractions, and pharmacological treatment. Behavioural therapies include avoiding sudden movements, informing the patients about the steps of the intended procedure so that they don’t have any surprises, and deciding on a gesture that tells the dentist to stop when the patient feels pain or gets overwhelmed, Distractions include asking the patient to listen to music or watch their favourite movie. Finally, pharmacological options include conscious sedation or treatment under general anaesthesia. 

I’m Scared To Go To The Dentist Because Of Bad Teeth

If you’re scared of going to the dentist but have crooked teeth that hurt or affect your smile, don’t worry; there are ways to overcome your fear. The first step is to call your dentist and inform them about your specific fears. This will allow them to make appropriate arrangements and take measures so that don’t feel anxious during your visit. Your dentist will also take steps to ensure that you remain pain-free and relaxed during your treatment. 

How To Comfort A Teenager Who’s Afraid Of The Dentist?

As discussed earlier, dentists are trained to help patients overcome their fears. If you have a specific dental fear or phobia, discuss it with your dentist and they will take measures to make you calm and relaxed during your visit. 

If you or a loved one suffers from dental anxiety or phobia, it is important that you visit a dentist who has obtained additional training in treating anxious or apprehensive patients. If you live in Didcot or neighbouring areas, your best option is to visit The Oxford Smile Clinics. Our highly experienced dentists are experienced in treating patients with dental phobia and are known for their gentle and friendly approach. So, book a free consultation with us today and let us help you overcome your dental fears.