What Are These Black Lines Around My Teeth And Gums?

What Are These Black Lines Around My Teeth And Gums?

A beautiful smile is only possible with perfectly aligned, pearly white teeth. Unfortunately, teeth with coffee, tobacco, or tea stains, or those having black lines around them, can significantly affect one’s smile and make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. 

If you have black lines around your teeth and you want to know why they appear, or what their treatment is, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about teeth black lines. So, read on to learn more!

What Causes A Black Line On My Gums?

Black lines around one’s gums can occur due to various reasons. According to Healthline, one of the common reasons for the formation of black lines around the gums is tartar deposits. The minerals released from tartar accumulate on the teeth around the gum line, causing a black line to appear in that area. 

Besides, other factors can also cause black staining around the gumline. For example, different types of extrinsic teeth stains, hairline fractures, or tooth decay can also result in the formation of black lines around the gums. Dental fluorosis, a condition caused by the excessive intake of fluoride during tooth development, may also result in black staining of the teeth. 

How To Get Rid Of Black Lines In Your Teeth?

The management of black lines around the teeth depends on the underlying cause. For example, if these lines appear due to tartar deposition, your dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning to remove these deposits and expose the white enamel underneath. 

However, if these lines are due to tooth fractures or decay, your dentist will restore the tooth with a suitable filling material. In some cases, when the damage is extensive, your dentist may place a porcelain crown over the tooth to reinforce it. Finally, if the lines are due to teeth stains that cannot be removed through bleaching, a veneer may be placed over them to mask the staining. 

Is There Any Way To Fix Black Triangles In Your Teeth?

Black triangles in teeth are caused when there is an excessive gap between one’s teeth and gums. In some cases, this gap is normal. However, in other cases, excessive gaps can form due to underlying gum disease. This can lead to the formation of dark spaces between the teeth and gums known as black triangles

The management of black triangles depends on the underlying cause:

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – if the black triangles have appeared due to gum recession caused by poor oral hygiene, your dentist will ask you to improve your oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing. 
  • Gum Disease Treatment – if the underlying cause of black teeth triangles is advanced gum disease, your dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning to remove the plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth and reverse the disease. 
  • Orthodontic Treatment – in some cases, black triangles may appear due to the misalignment of the teeth. In such cases, orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners is performed to realign the teeth and remove the black triangles. 
  • Porcelain Veneerswhen black triangles appear due to small or irregularly shaped teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent option to restore their optimal shape and facial aesthetics.  
  • Gum Grafting – If there is excessive gum recession due to gum disease that causes black triangles, your dentist may consider using a gum graft to restore their optimal position and shape. 

What Is The Black Spot In The Middle Of A New Crown?

Black spots can sometimes occur in the middle of – or at any site – on a metal-ceramic crown. These spots occur when the underlying metal gets exposed, resulting in the black appearance of the crown. Such a situation typically arises when chairside adjustment of the new crown is performed to improve its fit on the prepared tooth. In most cases, these defects can be repaired by adding a small increment of porcelain at the affected site. 

What Is The Black Stuff Between Teeth?

If you observe “black stuff” between your teeth, it is mainly due to tartar deposits How does tartar form on our teeth? It all starts with poor oral hygiene. When we don’t brush or floss optimally, a fine layer of food particles deposits on our teeth called plaque. Over time, plaque hardens to become calculus and gets stained to give a brown-black appearance. 

While dental plaque can easily removed through brushing and flossing, it is very difficult to remove tartar with at-home oral hygiene measures. Instead, a professional teeth cleaning procedure is performed that uses an ultrasonic scaler to remove the adherent tartar on the teeth. 

Do Black Lines On Teeth Mean Cavities?

Black lines on the teeth could indicate developing teeth cavities. How? When there are small cracks on tooth surfaces, they extend over time leading to dental cavities. These surface cracks – which may be pre-cursors to dental cavities – often get stained and appear as black lines. 

How Do I Remove Black Lines Around The Crown Of A Tooth?

Any stain around a ceramic or metal-ceramic crow is not removable. Therefore, the only solution for black lines around dental crowns is to replace them with a new one. 

Why Is My Wobbly Tooth Turning Black On The Bottom?

If you have a wobbly tooth that has become blackened over time, it may be due to discolouration around an existing tooth cavity. So, it is best to seek professional advice for this tooth so that it can be saved. 

Do Crowns Stain Like Teeth Do?

Yes, porcelain and composite dental crowns stain like natural teeth. However, although it is possible to remove extrinsic stains on natural teeth, it is not possible to remove stains on dental crowns. Why? Because the bleaching agent used for removing teeth stains is not effective on dental crowns. So, if a crown gets stained, it needs to be replaced with a fresh one. 

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