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Dental crowns and bridges

Are you tired of the appearance of worn-down, damaged or missing teeth? Dental crowns and bridges can rebuild your smile with porcelain teeth that are so realistic, that no-one will know the difference.


  • Fills gaps, leaving you with a full, natural looking smile
  • Strengthen teeth that have been weakened with large fillings
  • Porcelain teeth look and feel just like the real thing
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting teeth that can last for 15 years or longer if looked after well


Crowns act like caps on the top of teeth that are broken down or weakened. Unlike traditional fillings, crowns go over the whole tooth and cover up any weakened parts of the tooth or original filling. This makes your teeth stronger overall. 

They are a great solution for the following issues:

  • Teeth with large fillings and weak cusps
  • Broken or poorly shaped teeth
  • Strengthening root-filled teeth that are prone to fracturing
  • Closing wide spaces between teeth

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What is the advantage of crowns over fillings?

Crowns cover and protect the whole tooth, and are much stronger than fillings. So, while the treatment might be more expensive and take more time overall, you can feel confident that crowns will last a long time.

What is the process of inserting a crown?

Following your consultation – in which we’ll ensure that the crown is the right fit for you – we’ll take impressions of your tooth to create a new one that blends seamlessly with the shape and shade of the rest of your teeth. You’ll be given a temporary crown while the final product is being finessed, and once it’s ready we’ll check for fit, comfort, colour and bite before cementing it in place.

Will you have to remove part of my tooth?

Some healthy tooth material will need to be removed during the process, but in return, you will have a strong, durable and beautiful looking tooth that is protected from further damage.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth, using the support of adjacent teeth. They are a great option when dental implants can’t be used, and give you beautiful, natural-looking teeth with an accurate fit.

Bridges usually consist of an artificial tooth to replace the one you are missing, along with two crowns that sit on top of your healthy neighbouring teeth.


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What are bridges made from?

Bridges are made in one or more parts. Depending on the number and position of missing teeth you have, we may create a bridge in one or more parts. They are made by a specialist dental technician using a combination of ceramic fused to a metal substructure. The metal provides strength and a comfortable fit, while the ceramic looks like a natural tooth. Alternative materials such as all ceramic bridges can be used to make the bridges look even more life-like.

Are there any alternatives to bridges?

Some people prefer to use implants to replace missing teeth, as they don’t rely on surrounding teeth for support. However, some people may prefer a less intensive treatment than implants – which are inserted into the jaw – which make bridges a great option. 

When you come in for an initial consultation, we’ll be able to run through all of the different treatments available, and what will suit you best.

Patient Experience

Delivering first class experiences

Our team take pride in providing great care to ensure that your visit is as relaxing as it can be. We want you to feel at home in our warm and friendly clinic.

Patient Experience

Delivering first class experiences

Our team take pride in providing great care to ensure that your visit is as relaxing as it can be. We want you to feel at home in our warm and friendly clinic.

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