Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation at our Didcot and Oxford clinics

If you’re looking for a fantastic range of highly effective and affordable skin and facial rejuvenation treatments in Oxfordshire then our state-of-the-art Oxford and Didcot clinics can help.

How we can help you look younger

You can benefit by choosing from a fantastic range of the latest anti-ageing treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, lip-fillers, skin peels and derma rollers.

We are proud to have a hugely experienced facial rejuvenation team that is led by our highly respected general and cosmetic dentist Dr Ajay Murgai  (GDC No: 85639) who has over 14 years extensive dentistry experience, running clinics in Oxfordshire and Harley Street.

It’s amazing what our skin has to put up with on a daily basis. The UV rays of the sun, temperatures, the effects of tobacco and alcohol, atmospheric pollution, and more. Further damage is caused if we don’t get enough sleep, we exercise too much, we eat the wrong foods, and we’re under stress.

If you want to look younger and fresher, we offer a range of facial rejuvenation courses and treatments at our Didcot and Oxford clinic. We can help you with deep lines, thin or fat lips, and wrinkles. Our facial rejuvenation can entirely renew your skin so you look and feel years younger.

Our Didcot and Oxford-based specialists help you reverse the effects of ageing and sun damage by combating lines, wrinkles, volume loss, acne scarring, issues with hyper-pigmentation and other skin complaints.

We do this by using the most up to date solutions for collagen stimulation, skin cell rejuvenation, skin replenishment, problems with excessive sweating and teeth whitening to make sure you can look as young as you feel.

Our range of facial rejuvenation treatments

Our range of treatments available from our Didcot and Oxford clinics grows all the time. Our current four most popular treatments are:


One of the world’s best known and most trusted facial rejuvenation treatments is available at both our clinics in Didcot and Oxford.

It’s made from Clostridium Botulinum, better known as Botox. Botox works primarily as a muscle relaxant. Botox is used in very small doses to reduce any muscle activity in your face that causes wrinkling. In fact, it smooths out imperfection on your skins leaving you with a youthful, supple, and beautiful appearance.

Botox is most commonly used to treat wrinkles on your forehead, frown lines, lipstick lines, neck lines, crow’s feet, dimples, droopy jowls, and downturned mouth. Every treatment is personal and we recommend that you consult with one of our facial rejuvenation experts to see if this is the right course of treatment for you.

Read more about our Botox treatment.

Dermal fillers

Ever heard of a non-surgical facelift? That’s the term you read in the newspapers and magazines about a treatment called “dermal fillers”, part of our facial rejuvenation range at our Didcot and Oxford clinics.

Dermal fillers use a nature-derived substance to restore missing volume to the contours on your face. This filler lifts, sculpts, and firms you skin – a powerful weapon against the signs of ageing.

Dermal fillers replace and top-up collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin. This facial rejuvenation technique gives your skin back its elasticity, keeps it taught and supple, and maintains youthful levels of hydration.

Find out more about using dermal fillers as part of your facial rejuvenation regime.

Lip enhancements

Lip enhancements, sometimes called lip fillers, are an important part of many clients’ facial rejuvenation programs.

Lip enhancements use gel made from a naturally occurring substance found in the human body called Hyaluronic Acid. This plumps out your lips to get rid of any lines that have appeared. They’re also great at smoothing out unevenness in smiles too.

No-one will be able to tell you’ve had the treatment. Lips do thin naturally over time and lip enhancements are a proven way of regaining your lips’ youthful appearance.

Read more about The Smile Practice’s lip enhancement service, available at both our Didcot and Oxford practices.

Derma roller treatments

One of the newest and most effective facial rejuvenation treatment is the derma roller. Simple and affordable, the derma rollers stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin without causing any damage. Derma rollers improve and revitalise tired skin, sun damaged skin, and the appearance of old scars.

More and more Smile Practice clients use derma rollers for anti-aging treatment, anti-wrinkle treatment, sun damage, scar removal (including acne), stretch mark removal, and hyper-pigmentation treatment.

Find out more about our derma roller treatments in both Didcot and Oxford.









Didcot and Oxford facial rejuvenation appointment

To book your facial rejuvenation consultation in Oxford or Didcot, please call us on 01235 602009. You can also pop into our surgery to make your appointment in person.