Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me – What Are My Options?

A beautiful smile is indeed a great social asset. Statistics by an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey show that people with straight teeth and charming smiles are perceived as more attractive, friendly, and approachable than those with flawed smiles. 

But what about those who aren’t naturally blessed with perfectly aligned, pearly white teeth? The solution is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry is so powerful that it can turn blemished smiles into picture-perfect Hollywood smiles. But what is cosmetic dentistry and how can it help you achieve your dream smile? We will answer these questions in these blogs and some more! So, read on to learn everything you need to know about cosmetic dentistry. 

How Safe Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

A common question prospective dentistry patients ask is whether cosmetic dentistry is safe. The answer is that this type of dental treatment is safe provided an experienced and qualified dentist performs it. Cosmetic dentists have to attain an additional 3 – 4 years of clinical training besides their basic qualification before they are considered specialists in this field. So, if you are visiting a qualified and renowned cosmetic dentist, you can rest assured that there is no need to worry about the safety of your treatment. 

Which Cosmetic Dental Treatments Should I Choose?

Your cosmetic dentist will decide which procedures will be suitable for you based on your individual oral health and aesthetic needs. For example, if someone has stained teeth, their dentist will perform professional teeth whitening to restore the facial aesthetics. Similarly, if someone has crooked or chipped teeth, their dentist will restore the aesthetics with porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding. 

What Is A Cosmetic Dentist, And What Services Do They Offer?

A cosmetic dentist is a licensed dental professional who has obtained training and qualifications in treating cosmetic issues related to the facial region. Cosmetic dentists provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Teeth whitening 
  • Cosmetic bonding 
  • Porcelain and composite dental veneers 
  • Porcelain crowns 
  • Dental implants for aesthetic tooth replacement 
  • Invisalign clear aligners for teeth straightening 

What Are The Benefits Of Visiting A Cosmetic Dentist?

Many believe that cosmetic dental care only improves one’s smile. This is not true; the fact is that cosmetic dentistry not only restores one’s smile and self-confidence but also optimises oral health and physical well-being. This is because cosmetic dentistry restores one’s optimal teeth alignment. This helps minimise dental complications such as teeth cavities and gum disease as teeth cleaning becomes easier. At the same time, 

How To Afford A Cosmetic Dentist?

Many people avoid cosmetic dental treatment because it can be expensive. If you have also been holding off your treatment cost due to financial concerns, there are ways to afford your cosmetic treatment. Foremost, you should select a dental practice that offers flexible payment plans. This will allow you to pay for your treatment in small instalments. Secondly, the location of a dental practice could also affect treatment costs. If you choose a cosmetic dental practice in the suburbs, your treatment costs will be lower than a practice in a metropolitan region. 

Can I Get Dental Bonding Instead Of Braces?

Dental braces are the gold standard for straightening crooked teeth. This is because orthodontic treatment options such as braces and clear aligners fix the underlying issue and realign the teeth. If someone doesn’t want braces, they can also get mild to moderately crooked teeth fixed with bonding or porcelain veneers. However, such cosmetic treatment will only address the aesthetic problem and not fix the underlying issue. Therefore, if you want to completely fix your crooked or misaligned teeth, you should consider orthodontic treatment. 

I Just Have One Teeth That Is Ugly, Should I Wear Braces?

Dental braces or clear aligners may not be required for treating a single crooked tooth. Instead, your dentist will use cosmetic treatment options to fix the aesthetic issue. For example, a crooked tooth can be fixed with tooth-coloured composite bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns. Your dentist will select a suitable treatment option based on the extent of the damage and your aesthetic treatment needs. 

Do Veneers Straighten Teeth Just Like Braces?

Veneers can be used as an alternative to orthodontic braces to fix mild overcrowding or spacing of the teeth. However, veneers do not work the same way as braces. While braces fix the underlying issue by restoring optimal tooth alignment, veneers only mask the aesthetic problem and don’t realign the teeth. Therefore, if someone wants to completely fix their crooked teeth, braces or Invisalign aligners are the best treatment option. 

Gummy Smiles: What Are My Treatment Options?

A smile with excessive or too little gum exposure can negatively affect one’s smile. If you also have a gummy smile affecting your facial aesthetics, you do not need to worry. There are various treatment options available to fix this issue. These are:

  • Crown Lengthening – according to the American Academy of Periodontology, crown lengthening is a surgical procedure in which excessive gum tissue is surgically removed so the teeth appear longer. 
  • Botulinum Toxin – for gummy smiles that are caused by overactive lip muscles, botulinum toxin therapy is effective in treating the problem. 
  • Orthodontic Treatment – if a gummy smile is caused by poor alignment of the teeth, your dentist will realign them with braces or clear aligners to fix the aesthetic problem. 

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve The Color Of My Teeth?

If you feel self-conscious about your crooked or stained teeth, you can get your dream smile with cosmetic dentistry. If you live in Didcot, the best place to get a complete smile makeover is Oxford Smile Clinics. No matter how complex your aesthetic problem is, our experienced and qualified cosmetic dentists will fix it and restore your facial aesthetics. So, book a free consultation today and let us take care of your oral health and smile.