Discreet Fillings for a Happier Smile

At The Smile Practice in Oxford, we are proud to offer the latest treatments and the safest and most effective treatment methods. We are a mercury-free practice and provide white fillings for natural looking aesthetics and the safest possible treatment.

About white fillings

Fillings are restorative treatments used to fill cavities and strengthen a tooth that has been weakened as a result of decay or injury. Fillings are a very common dental treatment.

White fillings are made from composite material matched to the colour of your natural teeth. The composite is poured into the cavity in putty form and then hardened using a curing light. Composite does not contain any metal; it is made from quart resin and has a light-reflecting agent, which gives a natural finish.

How are fillings fitted?

The procedure to fill a tooth is relatively quick and simple and there is nothing to worry about. Before the procedure, the tooth will be numbed to eliminate discomfort. The first stage of treatment involves removing the decayed tissue from the cavity and cleaning the cavity thoroughly. This helps to prevent infection from spreading through the tooth and ensures that the cavity is free from harmful bacteria.

The second stage is to fill the cavity. The composite is poured into the hole and then set firm using a powerful light and it takes around 45 seconds to cement the filling. Once the filling is hard, it will be trimmed to make sure it fits into the cavity perfectly.

Our white fillings enable you to enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile as well as reducing your risk of suffering further injury or decay. If you would like to find out more about white fillings or book an appointment, call the practice today.