Are Black Triangles Between Teeth Normal?


Healthy teeth have a pearly white appearance and have no spaces between teeth. Unfortunately, when oral health is compromised, the gums start to regress from their position, resulting in the appearance of spaces between teeth. These spaces appear as “triangles” between the teeth and are among the most common issues faced by Britishers. According to Healthline, over 67% of the population has black triangles between their teeth. 

What Is a Black Triangle Between Teeth?

A black triangle between the teeth can appear due to many reasons.

  • Gum Disease – the foremost among them is gum disease. When plaque and tartar form on the teeth due to poor oral hygiene maintenance, bacteria start living inside them and release toxins that cause the gums to recede from their position. As a result, spaces appear between the lower portions of the teeth. Since sufficient light does not pass through these spaces, they appear as black triangles. 
  • Plaque and Tartar – plaque and tartar deposits between two teeth get stained over time and appear as black triangles. 
  • Improper Brushing Technique – black teeth triangles can also appear in people who use excessive force while brushing. This is because excessive force causes gum recession and exposure of the underlying roots. As a result, the spaces between the roots appear as black triangles. 

Is There Anyway To Fix Black Triangles In Your Teeth?

There are several ways to fix black teeth and restore one’s smile and facial aesthetics. Let us look at some of the treatment options that can be used for eliminating black triangles:

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – maintaining optimal hygiene through brushing and flossing helps prevent plaque and tartar deposition which are one of the causes of black teeth triangles. 
  • Composite Bonding – if your black triangles are due to minor gaps between teeth, your dentist may use tooth-coloured composite bonding to fix them. 
  • Porcelain Veneers – dental veneers are an excellent option for masking the aesthetic problem caused by black triangles.
  • Teeth Whitening – if there are black-stained plaque and tartar deposits between your teeth that cause black triangles, your dentist will perform professional teeth whitening to eliminate them. 
  • Gum Contouring – if the black triangles appear due to gum recession, your dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning. Furthermore, if needed, a gum recontouring surgery may be performed to restore the optimal position of the gums. 

Does Flossing Cause Black Triangles?

Flossing doesn’t cause black triangles directly. However, if you are using an improper technique for flossing, such as flossing too aggressively, it can lead to wear of the teeth causing excessive interdental (between adjacent teeth) spacing – and can cause black triangles to appear. So, dental flossing, if done improperly, can indirectly result in black triangles. 

What Causes a Black Spot On A Human Gum Near A Tooth?

Sometimes, black spots can appear on teeth gums at the border of the teeth. According to Healthline, this can occur due to various reasons. For example, this gum staining can be due to a foreign object lodged between the gum which appears as a stain. Similarly, a chipped silver amalgam filling lodged inside the gum can also appear as a black spot. A bruise on a gum can also appear as a bluish or black spot. 

What Do You Know About Black Lines on Teeth?

Black lines on teeth mainly occur due to plaque and tartar deposition. This can occur when regular oral hygiene maintenance is ignored. If you or a loved one has black lines on their teeth, there are ways to get rid of them. The most effective method is to remove the plaque and tartar deposits through professional teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler. 

Why Do I Feel There’s Something Between My Teeth?

Sometimes, there are tartar deposits or chips dislodged between the teeth. These chips can sometimes exert pressure on the teeth and one feels that there is something stuck between the teeth. Besides, any other foreign object stuck between two teeth can also give the same feeling. 

Is There a Black Triangle Teeth Home Remedy?

In most cases, black triangles can only be fixed at a dental office. For example, if the triangles are because of plaque and tartar deposits, they cannot be removed through brushing alone and would require professional cleaning for their removal. Similarly, composite bonding or veneers are sometimes needed to treat black triangles. 

How To Fill Gap Between Teeth and Gums Naturally?

Gaps between teeth caused due to gum recession and periodontal disease can be fixed naturally. For example, brushing and flossing go a long way in treating gum disease and helping restore optimal gum position. Furthermore, various natural remedies such as oil pulling or peppermint essential oil can also help restore gum health. 

What Are Gingival Embrasures?

Gingival embrasures are the open spaces between adjacent teeth. While some space between two teeth is normal, excessive spacing can cause various dental complications such as plaque accumulation and a negative effect on one’s smile. In most cases, gingival embrasures are caused due to the recession of gums due to periodontal disease. 

Does Black Invisalign Cause Triangles Between Teeth?

Invisalign itself does not cause black triangles. Instead, these appear due to poor oral hygiene maintenance during orthodontic treatment. So, the best preventive measure is to maintain optimal oral hygiene while wearing aligners. However, the management of black triangles following Invisalign treatment can be done with professional cleaning or whitening. 

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